As we are nearing the end of 2022, we at Pastel Arabia joined forces to go through the nail trends that became viral and famous throughout the year, and rating then. The criteria we decided to go for to analyze these nails were level of cuteness, time and effort taken to create the nails, and how long do they last. So here are our opinions about the popular nail trends for the year.


Yes, Yes and Yes! Hailey Beiber nails blew up for all the right reasons. The glazed donut look is easy to create with an appropriate amount of time and effort going into it. They last long because this look is created with gel nail polishes that are durable and sturdy. And I feel the cuteness just speaks for itself because it is contributing to the soft girl vibes. So yas Hailey, you did good! Pastel Pure collection of nail polishes will help you create this exact look with its multiple soft and shimmery shades to get the chrome effect.


This trend is related to just the one shade of pink. If you have a hot pink nail polish, you can wear it alone or combine with ombre pink to create varied levels of nail art. So, the time and effort to get the nails done is flexible and customizable. Similarly, how long they will last depend on what products go into creating this art. It looks cute but may not be everyone’s cup of tea as the shade is quite bright. You will find a variety of pink shades in the Pastel nail polish collections to match your aesthetic.


Yes, on the cuteness but not sure about the other parameters on this one. 3D nails require sticking some sort of diamonds or rings or a plethora of other possibilities with a wide range on your nails. It takes a lot of time and effort (and money) to get these done. It will stay longer if you keep your nails delicately but let’s face it, we have a million things to do and almost everything is done with our fingers, these nails don’t stand a chance against the housewife with 5 kids. Do check out our Pastel Nude collection for a more daily nail look.


I mean what’s to hate about these nails. These are perfect for the ones with an indecisive nature who just can’t pick a shade. The solution is simple, just pick multiple shades, God gave us 5 fingers on each hand right, imagine the possibilities. Minimal effort and time taken to do these as it would be like just another manicure session, and last long too if the products used are right. Not sure about the cuteness, we don’t want to end up uncomplimentary nail shades. Check out our wide range of Pastel Nail polishes where you can definitely find multiple mix and match combinations.


Cute? Yes. Easy? Yes. Long lasting? YES! Pantone color of the year for 2022 was Periwinkle and it looks absolutely stunning. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these as well as the Bieber nails are something every woman must’ve tried at least once throughout the year. With other purples to compliment the periwinkle, Pastel nail polishes will give you good nail art inspiration with the wide range of its colors.