Pastel Cosmetics Spring 2021 lipstick trends that will make you want to experiment with makeup once again

Spring 2021 lipstick trends that will make you want to experiment with makeup once again

Mastering these looks is easier than you think.

If you’re the type who likes to digitally browse through your Instagram feeds or the latest Harper’s Bazaar Arabia content to consistently amuse yourself while working from home, you have probably seen a couple of lipstick trends online. Some of these look a bit challenging to replicate, especially if you’re an amateur makeup fanatic.

Makeup artists use industry tips and tricks that were tried, tested, and proven to help achieve looks that are flattering for all skin types, tones, and face shape.

If you’re up to amplifying your lipstick game, read on and find out what are the Spring 2020 lip makeup trends, how to recreate them in the comfort of your own home, and which Pastel Cosmetics products we recommend to use. Let’s dive in.

The Pink Makeup Trend

Perhaps it’s the beginning of a new season in the western part of the globe or maybe it’s our instinct to play with colors to lift our moods, but there surely is a good reason for pinks to dominate international makeup artists’ palettes. If you’re not sure about which pink shade to get, choose a hot pink hue as it goes beautifully against all skin tones.

A bright pink lip like our Matte Liquid Lipstick 21 will do the trick. It’s from the Daylong Collection, which is formulated to last all throughout the day. They come in a wide variety of the most popular shades, from sultry nude to vava-voom red tints.

Take a cue from supermodel Candice Swanpoel, and work a gorgeous pink pout this time of the year.

Coral Matte Lip

Another lip trend that you might have seen multiple times online is the coral lip. Again, another bold hue which is perfect for the Dubai weather. If you’re not so sure about donning a pink shade but are not bold enough to wear a red shade neither, then coral is your best bet. It looks exceptional on tanned, olive, and pale skin. Pair it with strong eyebrows, a bit of eyeliner, and some bronzer, and you’re good to go.

We recommend the Matte Liquid Lipstick 18 from the Daylong collection for an alluring pop of coral on your kissers. We’ve seen Zendaya pull it off and look every inch amazing in this shade. This is definitely a tropical makeup vibe.

Easy Liquid Lipstick Application Tips

Don’t get intimidated by ultra matte formulas as they’re extremely easy to use and apply.

If you tend to have dry, chapped lips, it’s recommended to gently scrub your lips using sugar scrub or a wet face cloth to get rid of any dead skin cells lurking on top of your lips. You can then bring back hydration by applying your trusted lip balm. Make sure you use a colorless lip balm so as not to alter your lipstick’s beautiful shade.

Once your lips are moisturized, it’s now time to draw the line – literally. It’s so easy to make mistakes when applying a bright lip shade, especially if the product comes in matte formulation. To combat this, use a lipliner that’s either the same shade as your chosen lipstick for the day, or a nude shade. We’re no longer in the 90s where bold lip liner was sought after by supermodels. For this specific look, we recommend using our Show By Pastel Lip Pencil in shades 200 and 204. These tones will blend in seamlessly with the hot pink and coral shades.

Should you wish to fake a full lip, you can overline your lips a tad bit to portray an illusion of a bigger, fuller pout. Just don’t overdo it. Remember, looking natural is the key to achieving a cohesive and stunning look.

Once you’ve lined your lips, we can now proceed to the best part – applying the lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are such an innovation in the beauty scene as it makes for an easier application. You can build up the color by layering another coat on top for a brighter, bolder lip however, with the Pastel Cosmetics Daylong collection, one swipe is enough for an elegant opaque look.

Last minute tips

With a wide array of available lip shades in the market, you have the liberty to play with colors that you haven’t tested yet. Each skin tone looks its best in specific makeup product undertones. If you have a pale skin, blue or purple undertones will look best on you; if you have olive or tanned skin, then lip colors in warm shades will look exquisite on you.

Regardless of shades, the most important part is to feel your best. Makeup was created to highlight our facial features, so don’t worry about it too much and just enjoy the process of recreating your favorite looks.


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