2023 is the year of glamour with major iconic looks being created on various platforms. With Paris Fashion Week, Grammy’s, the Met Gala, etc. paving the way for fashion looks, we need to follow the trends being created and armor up for the summer & spring seasons. So, let’s assess the ‘it’ makeup up trends this year and how to create them.


Basic minimal and natural looking makeup will always be in fashion. Just the way in which we achieve the look changes with constant variations and innovations in new and old makeup products. What seems to be the highlight of this look is that its universal, in the way that you carry yourself which means people with all kinds of diversity will be able to achieve this look with your basic makeup products. Yet there is a level with which you can customize this look to add glamor or a pop of color to match your mood or occasion. The recommended Pastel products that can create this look are a Pastel Mattifying Primer, Pastel Concealer to conceal spots, pigmentation or wrinkles, Show Your Freshness Skin Tint, Pastel Cream Blushes, Stardust Highlighter & Beauty Final Fixing Powder, Show Black Eyeliner, Brow Designer Gel, & Express Volume & Lengthening Mascara.


Yes, grunge is a word. And no, it’s not the Grinch having any Grudges. The word simply means dirt. So, as the word implies, the grunge makeup look is a messy or smudged eye look. It is a bit like the smokey eye look but with a bit of imperfection. This look is an ode to the 90’s makeup fashion, where bold colors and smokey eyes with a bold lip color was all the hype. This look can be achieved by smudging & merging the eyeshadow and eye liner to make it look like its part of each other. It can be a bold look with dark or bright shades or soft look with more cool tone or nude shades.


The lashes trend has been tried and tested. All kinds of lashes are now incorporated in the glam makeup look, be it colorful lashes, glitter lashes, thick lashes, individual sinched up lashes, with layers of mascara as well as colored mascara applied to it. You can leave all your insecurities behind with whether your lashes are too much, because the way I see it the more over the top the better. Just be careful to pair it with complimentary makeup products as well as the occasion you are dressing for, and you will have the statement lashes that everyone is talking about.


If there is anything you need to remember while creating a look for any event this summer, it would be to have at least one of the above-mentioned trends added to your makeup. You can have a pop of bright or pastel color on your eye, you could underline your blush and contour underneath your foundation to bring the glow from within, or you can have statement eyebrows such as colored or bleached or sharp drawn eyebrows. The idea is to look fresh and stand out as the slay queen you are!


With an increased awareness in skincare, this look is highly popular as it makes an impression that you are taking care of your skin. Just highlighting your face isn’t enough though, your skin needs to look dewy like you’ve just come out fresh from a bath. To create this look you need to apply a glossy serum or primer as a base, sheer foundation, and lightly pigmented blush or eyeshadow (we want color, but we still want to stay natural). For the glow, you will need a shimmery highlighter that glistens and radiates on the skin rather than glitter. Do check out Pastel’s Glassy Glow Serum that is enriched with hyaluronic acid, so you get the glam without compromising on skincare.