Best Mascara

MascaraPastel offers wide range of mascara for you to choose from. Our range of products are unique and offers multiple benefits.

Pastel Profashion Waterproof Volume Mascara


  • Pastel Profashion Waterproof Volume ensures for eyelashes to have a much stronger and more attractive appearance.
  • The special formula and the silicone brush make eyelashes look fuller with more volume.
  • Highly resistant to water.

Dramatic Look Mascara

It makes the eyelashes look lush and perfect with its intense texture. Thanks to its formula which adds volume to the lashes on each layer and perfectly covers them, it is applied practically and quickly.

Multidimensional Volume&Curl Mascara

The all-in-one formula and multi-functional ergonomic fiber brush of Multidimensional Volume&Curl gives increased length from one end to the other at a single touch while curling the eyelashes and providing them with ultra-volume instantly. It will provide you with intense black, attractive and well-defined eyelashes by means of ingredients that prevent running or slumping for 8 hours.

Express Volume Mascara

Express Volume Mascara provides the most intense shade of black to eyelashes. Helps to repair and nourish the eyelashes with its special ingredients.  Silicone based flexible brush’s structure which is suited to the eye curve, catches even the shortest and thinnest eyelashes and provides a long lasting effect.

It provides a fuller look to the eyelashes in every layer, as well as curling and increasing the volume of eyelashes. Extra black color and intense effect provides you with striking looks makes this the best mascara.



Best Mascara –  How to apply?

Apply some other eye cosmetics first. In case you’re intending to wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, or some other eye cosmetics, brush it on before you do your mascara. This will guarantee that you don’t smear any of your mascara by attempting to put different items on around it.

Other non-eye cosmetics, for example, establishment or become flushed, can be applied whenever. A great many people decide to apply full-face cosmetics first, at that point finish with eye cosmetics.

Twist your lashes first. Position the styler as near the base of your lashes as conceivable without squeezing your skin. Close the stylers and tenderly crush for around 10 seconds. At that point, discharge the styler.

On the off chance that you don’t have a styler or you’re too hesitant to even consider using one, go through your fingertips to push and twist wet lashes.

Furthermore, with huge amounts of extraordinary equations and approaches to apply, the choices are interminable. Look at our tips beneath and figure out how to swipe right!

To apply, look into, place the wand at the base of your upper lashes, and squirm it to and fro, covering the base of your lashes. At that point pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, ensuring you’re covering all aspects of your lashes as you get through and moving gradually to abstain from bunching. Apply extra layers  until you get the thickness and look you need, taking consideration not to let the item dry in the middle of coats (this can make your eyelashes fragile and powerless).

With regards to your base lashes, you’ll need to be extra mindful so as not to utilize a lot of item and make clusters. Since your base lashes are commonly more sensitive than your upper eyelashes, any clumpy segments will be particularly clear. To stay away from this, utilization the tip of the wand and apply your mascara exactly at the foundations of the lashes, squirming the fibers to and fro for an even coat.

It can be chaotic and here and there smears onto the eyelids and the skin around the eye. It happens to potentially anyone, even proficient cosmetics craftsmen. Fortunately, it’s very easy to fix. Expel any extra item with a delicate eye cosmetics remover.