How appropriate looks define your personality

How appropriate looks define your personality


Personality is basically your immediate and non-verbal introduction to the world. You mostly reach and are judged by a person before you even get to speak. Therefore how you look is considered to be a conscious choice, whether you have carefully prepared or have unprepared looks.

You have to make a choice. Look what you wish to be looked and judged like or leave the things out of your control by having random or unprepared looks. Once you make the wise choice of choosing your looks, you need to know how appropriate looks are going to define your personality.

  • Set the mood:

Your eyes are a window to your soul. Whether they are closed in a moment of recollection or looking right into another person, the way you have chosen them to look will set the tone of your day. Same goes for the gloss or lipstick adorning your lips. A dull day may make you choose a cleaner, non-highlighting, lip tone lipstick just like a spunky day will make you choose a red hot shade with sparkling gloss to match. You may become extra generous with an eye pencil for a special meeting while Pastel all day waterproof eyeliner will cover your entire regular office day. Your mood is right there at tip of your hands. You will see how you save great amount of words in telling someone how you feel on a day.

  • Grab the attention:

It’s in human nature to quickly gel and quickly forget thousands of new things and humans one comes across in a day. The attention window is small and there’s a long queue. You don’t want to be the ignored one. So you decide to be right there in centre of attention. So choose a balanced look like Pastel Silky Dream foundation coupled with Express Volume mascara. You may go for a simple more sincere look with deep eyeliner and Soft Pop nail polish. Whatever you choose to wear on and above your dress as a makeup will define the opening statement of your personality that day or that night.

  • Cast a sunny shadow:

Lot of times you want to reinstate what you stand for. Be at authority at work place or your assertion in a constant debate or your charm on your loved ones, everything is reinstated by your looks. You want it to be consistently good and impactful. Your nails should leave a sunny mark when you put that hand in hand or on a presentation table. Your eyes should reveal how deep you feel about an issue or the work you associate yourself with. Play around with a wide range of Pastel products for your eyes, face, nails and lips and cast a sunny shadow on everything you touch.

  • Make a statement that you care:

If charity begins with home then care starts with oneself. You need to care for yourself and reiterate that to the world. Your looks always tell how careful you are about yourself. A small amount of time every day to pamper yourself and devote on your looks actually is a reflection of your sincerity and ability to go extra mile. When you choose that perfect foundation for your face and make it glow in most appropriate manner, it shows in your personality.

Make a decision, go out and do everything out there to define your personality the way you want it.

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